ESC Settings

Xnova XTS motors are not picky about ESC settings. Most default settings are just  fine, but there are some things to consider. Please find setup examples below

Castle Creation ESC :

(apply for XTS and Tareq_special_edition_motors series)
TIMING: We recomment values from 8-10 for timing.

PWM RATE: Values at 12khz and 16khz should be fine, if you find your esc temp is
above 80c, use lower pwm rates .

MOTOR START POWER: We do not recommend to change anything here unless
having trouble getting a smooth spool-up. Default setting are always good .

INITIAL SPOOL UP RATE: Normally values like  4-5 are good, too high settings will
cause gear strip during spool up and can cause very high current peaks!

GOVERNOR GAIN: For small size helicopters like 450-500mm blade lenght use gain values 3-10. For bigger
helicopters like 600-800mm blade lenght use gain values 12-20 max! Too high setting will cause more amp draw and less flight time.

You should consider following points before setting up your esc.

- make sure you have very good and clean soldering. This is the key for a perfect performing setup!

- correct gear ratio for recommended head speed of your flying style .

( imaging your drive a car in the largest gearing when just cruising at 20 miles, your engine will suffer, this apply also for Helicopters, when flying at a large pinion with very low % of throttle curves! )

Please use our recommended setting above. To extreme settings on ESC may
cause motor or ESC failure and we will not provide warranty on your motor.

Kontronik ESC :

Reset ESC by Mode 1, then use Autotiming Mode 4.


Works perfect with default settings (Autotiming).

Scorpion ESC :

Current protection=normal/ (commander 160) insensitive/ (commander 130)  /Motor-timing 5* . Gov. tuning 6-for P-gain and 7-for I-gain.

Hobbywing ESC :

Setup example: Platinum-50A-V3 with XTS 2618 series.

- Timing 18° or higher.
- PWM: 24 or default wich is 32.

- 2820-890kv and 3215 TAREQ with HW-50A or 100A-V3 (use default settings)

NEW 50XX Tareq and Speed edition:

For 50XX-TAREQ_special_edition

1. Castle Creation 160HV (Timing = 8 to 10 and PWM = 16 )

2.Kontronik Kosmik 160A and 200A  ( Mode 1 for reset then Mode 4).

3.YGE 160HV ( timing 18* and pwm 8 or 9 ) all other settngs= default

For 50XX-SPEED_edition

1.YGE 320HV ( timing 24* and pwm 9 or higher)

2.Kosmik 200 ( Mode 1 for reset then Mode 4)

Heli specific setup:

Governor setup is critical for a constant headspeed.  Too low a throttle setpoint  will overstress the entire power system.  Pulling 100A at 50% duty cycle on the  esc produces very high current ripple and high peak currents in the system.  This  reduces efficiency a great deal.  Also remember that 50% throttle on the  transmitter may or may not be 50% throttle (duty cycle) in the ESC.  These values  may not be directly related.

For a 3D heli setup, the gearing, motor kv, and headspeed should be chosen so that at the highest power draw the ESC still has some "headroom" to operate.

FPV motors section.

Please Note: High KV motors (2500KV and above) require more care and attention to detail when configuring your ESC's and flight controller.

For optimum timing setting please start with LOW/MED timing and increase the timing until motors run smoothly and show no signs of desync.

We have found LOW/MED timing settings to work well on our 2204 2600kv and 2205 2600kv however may vary on different setups.

PID's should be halved from the standard settings and worked up until optimum tune is achieved.

Operation of motors with PID's too high can cause exponential oscillations which will cause damage the motors and ESC's.

As part of our stringent quality control procedures, all our motors are run before shipping to ensure you receive high quality, fault free motors.

Please take the time to correctly setup your new Xnova motors to get the best performance and ensure trouble free operation.

If you require assistance with recommend settings please feel free to contact us