New Series !! Xnova LIGHTNING 4015 series

New !! Xnova lightning 4015-800KV

We have spent hours of testing to release New 4015 series. The result is an even better overall performing motor with extreme low cogging torque and increased efficiency. This all will provide you a cooler running motor and also more consistent power delivery over the full flight. The Xnova V3 lightning series is the highest level of motor performance money can buy nowadays.

Xnova lightning 4015-800KV high performance outrunner motor ,special design for SAB New Raw 500 helicopters on 6S  Sports 3D and soft 3D . The motor is good power and high efficeincy.

1. Improved higher efficiency with thinner stator lamination, resulting in lower temperature.
2. Optimized and unique design, hand wound to perfection
3. Smooth running, low cogging torque.
4. New type of higher degree magnets.
5. All other features same as performance series.