For warranty or technicall questions:

Please ALWAYS contact your local dealer or distributor first. Xnovamotors will NOT answer first level support warranty cases or questions.

Our dealers or distributors will then contact us direct if needet and we will find a solution in case of a warrantie issue.

Warranty issues must be reported by text and photo to your local dealer or distributor or the dealer will ask to ship back the product for inspection.

It is the dealers’ responsibility to ensure the product was not damaged due to a customer’s mistake or misuse, such as a crash, incorrect installation, or incorrect setup. All warranty claims must be then finally approved by Xnovamotors.

Xnovamotors will not provide warranty on bearings or burned FPV motors.

Each single motor is carefully tested for short or any other electricall error.

Xnovamotors perform a full load test on every motor before shipping.

If necesarry you can contact following adress in chase of technically questions for FPV motors ( NOT SALES ):


Interested to become a Xnova motors dealer or distributer?

If you are interested to join us as a dealer please read following points below.

If you contact us please include full details, otherwise you may not receive an returning answer from us.

  1. Complete detailed adress and country.
  2. Website.
  3. intrest of business, FPV , helicoptermotors or full line up.

Please send your request to


Team Xnova motors