Xnova outrunner motors variety of applications.

Select Xnova or XTS series. With the Xnova 4020 to 4035 series, we have peak efficiency up to 92% @ 45 A  recorded! Internal resistance gave 20 mOhms at room temperature. Regardless of 10S or 12S LiPo on 4030 and 4035 series battery input nominal voltage, the efficiency does not fall below 90% at flowing currents from 28 up to 70 A. For an outrunner motor these efficiency values are really ‘pro class’ and commonly are only reached by good inrunner motor designs.

The Xnova XTS motor series are the ultimate powerhouse motors for your 700mm to 800mm bladesize helicopter with ratings up to 13000watt! The testing of this series was done under extreme circumstances like 42 degrees C outside temperature.

Xnova multicopter and FPV supersonic racing motors.

The new Xnova multicopter and FPV supersonic racing motors have been optimised to perfection for todays need in multirotor copter applications.

Xnova article of fashion and merchandising gear.

Xnova offer a stylish range of  T-shirts and zipper hoodies. Make sure you wear the right gear when you want to pop out on the field. Because style is attitude,,,,


Xnovamotor designed high quality canopys.

Xnovamotor designed this canopys to make sure you pop out at the field and catch attention. Stylish and highly visable. This canopys are available to order also direct by end user from our website. (manufactured exclusively by CANOMODE).